Mera Social Online guide

  • What is a Mera Social?

    Mera Social is a web browser with a special base for you to run 26 social media networks in a single application without search engine and tabs.

  • How to use?

    Our application is only supported for 1 market for high security and precise updates. Our only supported market is the Google Play Store. Once you've set up our app, you can access 25 social networks on the right side with pre-built bookmarks without a search engine. These social networks are just like the Web site in normal browsers. The purpose of the application is to direct social media-oriented bookmarks without the search engine. No need to worry about how you feel safe in a browser, because our browser is based on Opera for Android.

  • How to use non-application deeplink

    Ex: Open the Google app on your phone, type Youtube music in the search box, and click on a desired result. In the window that opens, click Always or Only once in the Open with Mera Social section. You can reach the link you want to go to without going into the Mera Social.

  • How to use in-app deeplink

    Ex: Open the Mera Social application Click on the Download Messenger button in the Facebook Messages section, this link opens the Google Play Store application and goes to the corresponding application.

  • Webkit and updating?

    We use Opera mobile Webkit for high performance and security in our application. We usually update the Opera browser webkit for every new, up-to-date beta and stable webkit.

  • Reset password, forgot password?

    If you want to reset your Mera Social pin lock, you can press reset password by entering settings from the right menu.

    Forgot Mera Social password? Then tap on the link below from our mobile guide site or Aospstudio care screen in our aospstudio mobile app. Mera Social PIN Reset

  • How to open Dark mode?

    For the following versions of Mera Social v3.3: Mera Social Menu>Theme settings you follow the dark theme options and the dark theme will be activated.

    For post-Mera Social version 3.4: The dark theme will be activated when you follow the Mera Social menu>Settings>Theme settings>Dark theme

  • How to turn off dark mode?

    For post-Mera Social v3.3 versions: The dark theme will be closed when you follow the Mera Social menu>Theme settings>Light theme.

    For post-Mera Social version 3.4: The dark theme will be closed when you follow the Mera Social menu>Settings>Theme settings>Light theme

  • Application errors

    Mera Social now comes with some problems. But there are temporary and effective solutions to every problem.

    Turn on any video by turning on the auto-rotate setting for full-screen video errors. After opening the video, go to full screen if it doesn't, click the Full-screen button 2-3 times consecutively.

    For browser crashes, sometimes correct 1 sometimes 2-3 times and click restart, our smart rescue feature will be activated.

    For application unopened issues, first clear the Mera Social data and run the application again to prevent the error, tap the Reopen Application button. If the app still doesn't open, there's no choice but to send feedback and wait.

  • Uninstalling the Application

    To remove our app;
    On Android 8.0 and above devices; Settings>Apps & Notifications>Apps>Mera Social>Remove

    Android 5.0 and above devices; Settings>Applications>Mera Social>Remove