Pie Launcher Online guide

  • What is Pie Launcher, how to use it?

    Pie Launcher is a different application for changing the main screen (desktop) of your phone or tablet. Pie Launcher is completely based on Android Open Source Projects (AOSP). The application based on Launcher3 transfers the pure android experience to you without any play. Download the application to be able to use it and select the Home screen Launcher3 from the default applications.

  • How to change the wallpaper?

    While on the desktop screen, press and hold an empty area and tap Wallpapers, the device galleries will open. If there is no option in a blank area, press your phone if there is a menu key and follow the same steps.

  • How to add a widget? Widgets do not appear

    To add a widget, hold down a blank area on the desktop screen and tap Widgets, the widgets are listed.

    Why don't some widgets appear? Because the brand you are using prohibits some of the widgets of their applications to other launcher applications.

    Huawei Launcher3 will warn you if your own weather widget is added on Huawei devices.

  • What are the home screen settings?

    While on the desktop, press and hold an empty area, and then tap Home screen settings. Home screen settings include some pure android options like Android 8 and above Screen rotation, Adaptive icon, Notification points. For Android 7 and 7.1 devices, only screen rotation is available.